Vidyashala (School)

Madihalli School Project

Badarikashrama Vidyashala (school) was completed in early 2015 at the cost of US 1 Million dollars (approximately Rupees 6 Crore).  The facility comprises 36 spacious well-lit and well-ventilated classrooms surrounded by lush gardens.  A large dome skylight sits above the central lobby where 700 children congregate every day to offer prayers in front of the school altar.  The school library, computer laboratory and science laboratory are all equipped with required resources like books, computers and laboratory apparatus.  Rest-rooms on campus are all provisioned with modern amenities.  Well-designed walkways crisscross the campus, connecting the several buildings and facilities within.   The school is now fully operational and fulfills the elementary level and middle-school level educational needs of children from the villages within the Turuvekere Taluk.

The Vidyshala operates a fleet of eight school buses that traverse all reaches of Turuvekere Taluk, ferrying students to school and back.   The majority of the students are children of agriculture and labor workers.   The pupils receive holistic education of high quality that in addition to the prescribed academic curriculum also covers the topics of ethics, morality, discipline, cleanliness and creativity.  Every morning, the students attired in neat school uniform gather in the central lobby in front of the altar to recite morning prayers and receive messages of inspiration. The curriculum places strong emphasis on the subjects of math, science and computer education, along with art class. Languages taught include English, Kannada and Hindi.  Students in 6th and 7th Grade are imparted special lessons in Sanskrit.  Extracurricular activities include sports, speaking, writing, chanting, debates etc., with students representing and winning in competitions up to State-level.  The long-term vision for the school targets expansion to include high-school level classes, with plans being put into place to grow the school up to 12th grade.   When that milestone is accomplished, Badarikashrama Vidyashala would impart education at the elementary, middle-school and high-school level all under one roof.

This year we have 22 well-qualified teachers.  Prior to the beginning of every school year, the teachers receive an orientation on our school values such as ethics and morality, cleanliness, punctuality, discipline, creativity and enthusiasm.  The teachers continue to receive reinforcements of these messages and guidelines throughout the year, to serves as building blocks for success.

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.”  -Swami Vivekananda

Please click on the links to see the drawings of the proposed school:
School Building | Ground Floor Plan | First Floor Plan | Second Floor Plan