letter from swamiji in madihalli

April 4, 2017
Dear Sri & Srimati  and All Devotees your family and friends,
Many Blessings of Sriman Narayana & Best Wishes from Badarikashrama.
Madihalli is a beautiful place. All these years we didn’t realize its goodness.  It is a Tapobhumi, a land of strengthening and sacrifice, a land of realizing.   It has been a struggle because of a three year  drought with electricity and water shortage which has caused many plants to die. Since January I’ve been in Madihalli.  A lot of programs have been conducted. I visited Delhi for official works and enjoyed staying with Kiran and Aruna Rai. In January we celebrated Yuvajana Jagruti Samavesha ( Youth program).  For five days we visited 10 high schools to share the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and other saints and sages. It was wonderful to see students and teachers gathered to listen to a message for the New Age, inspiring the minds of the youth on the values of life.  Swamiji’s from the Ramakrishna Ashrama and Mutt, Halasuru Bangalore along with Swami Omkarananda spoke to thousands of students over a weeklong function.  
On the 28th and 29th students from the Taluk and from Sheshadripuram High School, Bangalore attended Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Celebration in collaboration with Yuvajana Jagruti Samavesha.  All gathered for two days under the unfinished Sabhangana which is still under construction.  Talks were given by highly trained resource persons and educators from Bangalore and Mysore.  The students had an opportunity to share their talents. It was a very successful and well received program.  By your help and support Badarikashrama is able to create and offer such programs to the public.
Narayana Sadhaka has been working with me. When are you all planning to visit us. The best time is June onwards. Now school is on holidays.
In February we held a wonderful Annual School Day program for the Vidyashala.  We also celebrated Shivaratri in the Mandir.  In March we celebrated Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti.  Between January and April I was invited to various programs as a guest.   I attended a temple inauguration, house inauguration,  school programs, a graduation program, etc.  Where ever I go I  speaks on the message of Swami Vivekananda and the values of life.  “Weakness is death, strength is life,” Swami Vivekanananda.  Life is precious; it is a God given gift.  We must preciously preserve it.
Dear devotees, my thoughts and prayers are for your well- being.  Man must change his mind for the higher values of life.  If he changes his mind to the real reality his life will gloriously grow and a great change will come over him.  Man is born to research, recognize and realize the higher values.  All our petty things vanish away.  The eternal principal, truth and love will remain forever.  It will give peace and joy (ananda).
May the Supreme Lord bless you with a glorious life of peace and understanding.
Yours Lovingly,
Ps. I am looking forward to hearing from you about the daily life of you and your family.founder