A Navaratri Letter from Swami Omkaranandaji Maharaj

Dear Devotees,
Great blessings from the Divine Mother, SriMahalakshmi,Sri Saraswathi, Sri Mahakali, to all of you,your family, and friends.
Those who are yearning for the blessings Divine Mother will bestow, She is the creator , the restrainer, and preserver,and will bestow the blessings.
It is a good time for fasting and prayer to purify our physical,emotional and intellectual life. From Vedic times till today our Rishis gave to  humanity, hand to work, mind to rest, through the path of devotion,path of discipline, path of householder life.
Keep a part of time in your daily routine to devote the presence of the Divine Mother in ourselves, in our house, for the best of our health,best of our happiness, best of our peace, to maintain the culture,maintain the tradition, maintain the path of devotion. This is to have control over ourselves, the world is vast,wide, and open.
“Sagaramekala”, She dances on the ocean as waves, She dances in our mind as emotion, Drink the nectar of the Divine Name, In human life, obtaining , performing, artha and kama, fulfillment of our desires, fulfillment of our daily duties, according to dharma, that brings moksha, happiness.
In Navaratari, Sri Durga Puja, renewing our pledges to the Divine Mother, renewing our devotion, renewing our duties, renewing our values, finding happiness in the midst of busy family life. Durga is the destroyer of our ignorance, Shakti is the bestower of our strength. To those who seek Her grace it will be given.
When we are young, we went with the play and study, when we are grown we went in the social realm,emotional, etc.
When will we have the time to think of our Self. Make a daily routine, sit for a few minutes, recite the Divine Mother’s names, sing a song, talk to God in your own way, with heart and mind. God will hear,Mother will  hear.
Here in Madihalli, six days Navaratari is going on, morning, Chandi Patha, morning 5:30 am to 8 am, meditation,kirtan, puja, 9:30 am to 12 noon, Durga Saptasati recitation, evening 6:30 pm to 8 pm, Sri Ramakrishna Aratrikam, kirtan, Lalitha Sahasranama recitation, and discussion. It is very peaceful in the month of Sharadhruthu.
Due to rain everywhere is green, blossoms, everywhere water, She dances in the waves of leaves. She dances in a green sari in the air. In the field, in the air, in the trees, Clouds after clouds moves, sun rises and sunset turns to a different colours, birds are singing, the day ending silence is approaching, stars are peeking,
You all have a wonderful Navaratri, go to Badarikashrama, join with Vishu Maharaj, Narayana Sadeka, have  garba, recite the mantras during the homa join with kirtan and recitation in the evening.
May you all have the blessings of the Divine Mother, health and peace.
After Navaratri, Deepavali is approaching. Swami is coming to San Leandro on November 18th and will be there until January 7th, joining in the Thanksgiving Dinner, conducting 108 Samuhika Satyanarayana Puja, joining Sri Sarada Devi Jayanti, Christmas Dinner, joining in Akanda Ramayana. I am anxious to join in these programmes and share with you all. I’m bringing the blessings of Mother India , please come and join me and receive.
Swami Mangalananda has come back from Bangaluru and is doing an excellent job. Healthwise she is doing well.
My deepest love to all of you. Many blessings. Thank all of you in my short life you have given me an opportunity to serve this community.
School is reopening on October 26th after Navaratri.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Yours Lovingly,